Adobe will Support Apple Newsstand

Adobe will Support Apple Newsstand

Sep 14


Adobe announced that its Digital Publishing Suite will support Apple’s forthcoming Newsstand feature on iOS 5. Newsstand is the latest driver of digital subscriptions to iOS 5, offering easy access to content and reducing download time.

The publishing software by Adobe will help publishers create digital editions of their magazines and newspaper applications that automatically deliver content to the Newsstand application on iOS devices. Additionally, it will enable publishers to better merchandise their content through Newsstand push notifications (Push notification is an apps alert that iPhone and iPod touch owners get for content updates, messages, and other events) and icon covers of the latest issues displayed on its shelf.

A number of publishers including Conde Nast and Reader’s Digest have utilized Adobe’s publishing tools to bring their content to the iPad, making Newsstand the one-stop digital platform for their latest issues and accelerating magazine subscription on tablet devices.

Moreover, Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite is not restricted to iPads alone. It can also be used for the creation and introduction of digital editions on Google’s Android tablets and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Playbooks.

Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite will be available to publishers soon after Apple releases iOS 5 and the Newsstand application.

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