Teach Your Child Science (in Portuguese)

Teach Your Child Science (in Portuguese)

Dec 01

Teach Your Child Science by Michael Shermer is my latest graphic design work, it is now being publish in Brazil by JSN Editora Ltda.

Teach Your Child Science (in Portuguese)
160 páginas

155×230 mm

ISBN 978-85-85985-31-8

R$ 25,00

Why People Believe in Weird Things (in Portuguese)

Why People Believe in Weird Things (in Portuguese)

Nov 08

Why People Believe in Weird Things by Michael Shermer is my latest graphic design work, it is now being publish in Brazil by JSN Editora Ltda.

Por que as pessoas acreditam em coisas extranhas

384 pages

15,5 x 23,0 cm

ISBN 978-85-85985-30-1

R$ 65,00

Apple’s Celebration of Steve Jobs

Apple’s Celebration of Steve Jobs

Oct 27

Apple's Celebration of Steve Jobs

Last Wednesday, Apple held a company-wide memorial for its late co-founder, Steve Jobs. It was a moving celebration, Apple has decided to share it with the world, posting a video recording of the event to the Apple.com Web site. It’s worth a watch for anyone interested in Jobs, his legacy and his breadth of vision.

Should I Work For Free?

Should I Work For Free?

Oct 12

Should I work for free? by Jessica Hische.

Should I Work For Free?

You can also find the same chart in Spanish and Deutsch.

Steve Jobs’ Authorized Biography to Debut October 24th

Steve Jobs’ Authorized Biography to Debut October 24th

Oct 08

Following the sad news regarding the death of Steve Jobs, Simon & Schuster has bumped up the release of Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of Steve Jobs to October 24th. The book had previously been scheduled to be released on November 21st. The title is currently available for preorder from Amazon in hardcover form, in a digital Kindle edition, as well as an audiobook.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

The book, which was fully authorized by Steve Jobs and is based on over 40 interviews with Jobs and interviews with over 100 of his friends and family members, was already of strong interest to Apple fans and has seen a massive increase in demand since yesterday, registering as the #1 selling book at Amazon with a sales gain on the order of 40,000% over the past 24 hours.



Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Oct 07

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

It was a shock to hear of Steve Jobs’ death in my iPad after traveling on the Yangtze River and I read about it a day later, since you don’t have the possibility to use the 3G option to get on the internet here in China.

But what can I say that was not said all over the news?

The only thing I can tell you is that his ideas change the way I worked… it was a revolution for me designing my first page using a Macintosh Classic in 1988 with the programs Aldus PageMaker and Illustrator88… even without the hard drive we have now (to use it you had to put the old diskette) I could see it would change the Press industry. It was a huge step from the manual paste-up and primitive typesetting.

Mac Classic

But Steve Jobs went a lot further, changing several other industries, changing the way you listen and buy music, how to create animated movies (Pixar), showed us what a Smartphone should always be, an the last of his creation: the iPad.

Traveling with the iPad was a great experience (even more if you get 3G connection in the country you are visiting), you can consult maps, find tourist information, etc…

And he manage to change the Press industry again, not only selling magazines, newspapers and books to read in any of the iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) in the iBooks application, but also through other applications created for those devices.

My kids love to read any story in the iPad, because of its interactivity. It’s fun and easy…

It is very sad knowing that we lost Steve Jobs, there aren’t many like him in history.

I don’t know if Apple will remain creating those amazing products, the only thing I know is what will be my next computer: a MacBook Pro.

Thanks Steve for changing our lives…

P.S.: If you would like to share your thoughts with Apple, memories and condolences, please email rememberingsteve@apple.com

Adobe will Support Apple Newsstand

Adobe will Support Apple Newsstand

Sep 14


Adobe announced that its Digital Publishing Suite will support Apple’s forthcoming Newsstand feature on iOS 5. Newsstand is the latest driver of digital subscriptions to iOS 5, offering easy access to content and reducing download time.

The publishing software by Adobe will help publishers create digital editions of their magazines and newspaper applications that automatically deliver content to the Newsstand application on iOS devices. Additionally, it will enable publishers to better merchandise their content through Newsstand push notifications (Push notification is an apps alert that iPhone and iPod touch owners get for content updates, messages, and other events) and icon covers of the latest issues displayed on its shelf.

A number of publishers including Conde Nast and Reader’s Digest have utilized Adobe’s publishing tools to bring their content to the iPad, making Newsstand the one-stop digital platform for their latest issues and accelerating magazine subscription on tablet devices.

Moreover, Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite is not restricted to iPads alone. It can also be used for the creation and introduction of digital editions on Google’s Android tablets and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Playbooks.

Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite will be available to publishers soon after Apple releases iOS 5 and the Newsstand application.

Guidelines to create Amazon’s Kindle Publishing in InDesign

Guidelines to create Amazon’s Kindle Publishing in InDesign

Sep 05

Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Plug-in for Adobe InDesign 0.93Amazon has released a document called the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Plug-in for Adobe InDesign 0.93. It has detailed guidelines, with screenshots and clear instructions, on how to optimize your InDesign files for the Kindle file format (MOBI) prior to uploading to the Kindle store for sale.

Technically, the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for InDesign document is actually a how-to guide for using their free and recently updated Export to Kindle plug-in for InDesign, which works with CS4, CS5, and CS5.5. The plug-in appears in the File menu as Export for Kindle and also in the Books panel menu, if you want to export an entire InDesign book (INDB) to Kindle format.

The plug-in is smart enough to convert InDesign page breaks (the special character you insert from the File > Insert Break Character menu) to chapter breaks in the Kindle book it exports. The guidelines even suggest that you use the Keeps setting of “Start on Next Page” in a paragraph style so you don’t have to enter the break character manually, and the plug-in will follow through. InDesign’s own EPUB export can’t do that.

It’s the same plug-in for CS4 through CS5.5,  so other than the special tricks added by the plug-in itself, it uses the lowest common denominator of CS4’s INDD > EPUB features for the heavy lifting. For CS5.5 users that means the Export to Kindle plug-in ignores the Articles panel and Object Export Options settings. If you want to use those features, you’ll need to export to EPUB first, then use other free software from Amazon (KindleGen or Kindle Previewer, links below) and third parties (such as Calibre) to convert the stand-alone EPUB to MOBI.

But remember, the Export to Kindle plug-in is still in beta, and you are most welcome to chime in to the Kindle Direct Publishing forums with your thoughts about its feature set and usability.

To get more information from Amazon:

• Kindle Direct Publishing portal (for authors and small-medium publishers)
• KDP Forums• Discussion thread about the new 0.93 Export to Kindle plug-in• Kindle Publishing Guidelines (general), a PDF
• Kindle Publishing Guidelines for InDesign/the Kindle plug-in, a ZIP file
• Bookmark this page: Kindle publishing software downloads (includes links to the plug-in)

Have you heard about Adobe Muse?

Have you heard about Adobe Muse?

Sep 02

Adobe released Muse, from the Creators of InDesign, as a public beta. Muse lets anyone design and build websites without needing to write a line of code. Even if you have never created a website before, anyone who has a working knowledge of InDesign will feel right at home and should be able to create their own website very quickly. While Muse may seem like a new application, it should feel quite familiar to everyone using InDesign since some of the engineers that work on InDesign have also worked on Muse. In fact, former InDesign Product Manager Michael Ninness worked on Muse before leaving Adobe to work at Lynda.com.

If you want to see Muse in action, have a look at this video that takes you through a quick preview of the Muse Beta:

Authorized Steve Jobs Biography

Authorized Steve Jobs Biography

Sep 01

I think it’s fit to talk about Steve Jobs after my vacations.

I’ve started to work with a Mac in 1988 using a Mac Classic. I still remember what a revolution it was…

Since then, Steve Jobs changed the way we do many things. Not only in technology, but also in the music and film industry. We have to wait and see how things progresses after he resign as Apple CEO. Meanwhile, we have to wait just a little bit to get his authorized biography by Water Isaacson until Nov. 21, 2011. The title is currently available for preorder from Amazon in both hardcover form, as well as in a digital Kindle edition.