Go Away, I’m Reading!

Go Away, I’m Reading!

May 25

When you are enjoying the best part of a book, someone begins to speak and interrupts the world of imagination in which you are submerged. They do so without any consideration… Can’t you see I’m reading?

In order to avoid this to happen again, Erin Bowman, Sarah and Tracey Neithercott Enni have created these over-covers. They find different messages like: Shh I’m in book mode or At Hogwarts, BRB (be right back is something like, etc.).

The license belongs to Creative Commons and leave you with some nice pdf’s to download, so you can use when you have the pleasure of reading. They claim to have chosen a standard size x 40’64 27’94 cm so that it can fit more books.

Download: [ Go away. I’m Reading ]  [ Reading>Talking ]  [ Team Reading ]

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