Guidelines to create Amazon’s Kindle Publishing in InDesign

Guidelines to create Amazon’s Kindle Publishing in InDesign

Sep 05

Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Plug-in for Adobe InDesign 0.93Amazon has released a document called the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Plug-in for Adobe InDesign 0.93. It has detailed guidelines, with screenshots and clear instructions, on how to optimize your InDesign files for the Kindle file format (MOBI) prior to uploading to the Kindle store for sale.

Technically, the Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines for InDesign document is actually a how-to guide for using their free and recently updated Export to Kindle plug-in for InDesign, which works with CS4, CS5, and CS5.5. The plug-in appears in the File menu as Export for Kindle and also in the Books panel menu, if you want to export an entire InDesign book (INDB) to Kindle format.

The plug-in is smart enough to convert InDesign page breaks (the special character you insert from the File > Insert Break Character menu) to chapter breaks in the Kindle book it exports. The guidelines even suggest that you use the Keeps setting of “Start on Next Page” in a paragraph style so you don’t have to enter the break character manually, and the plug-in will follow through. InDesign’s own EPUB export can’t do that.

It’s the same plug-in for CS4 through CS5.5,  so other than the special tricks added by the plug-in itself, it uses the lowest common denominator of CS4’s INDD > EPUB features for the heavy lifting. For CS5.5 users that means the Export to Kindle plug-in ignores the Articles panel and Object Export Options settings. If you want to use those features, you’ll need to export to EPUB first, then use other free software from Amazon (KindleGen or Kindle Previewer, links below) and third parties (such as Calibre) to convert the stand-alone EPUB to MOBI.

But remember, the Export to Kindle plug-in is still in beta, and you are most welcome to chime in to the Kindle Direct Publishing forums with your thoughts about its feature set and usability.

To get more information from Amazon:

• Kindle Direct Publishing portal (for authors and small-medium publishers)
• KDP Forums• Discussion thread about the new 0.93 Export to Kindle plug-in• Kindle Publishing Guidelines (general), a PDF
• Kindle Publishing Guidelines for InDesign/the Kindle plug-in, a ZIP file
• Bookmark this page: Kindle publishing software downloads (includes links to the plug-in)

Google’s eBookstore Launches

Google’s eBookstore Launches

Dec 07

Google, the Internet search leader opened its long-awaited electronic book store on Monday (Google Editions), competing against Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple and further accelerating the shift of book distribution from brick-and-mortar stores to the Web.

It’s the latest twist in a tumultuous new chapter for the book industry, one that will challenge traditional book retailers’ ability to adapt and avoid the fate of music and video retailers that have been beaten by digital competition in the past five years.

Unlike Amazon or Apple Inc., Google Inc.’s entry is giving independent retailers a way to keep up with the times.

Google is allowing merchants to sell its inventory of 3 million electronic books through their own sites and bring in more money as they scramble to adjust to the rising popularity of e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle and computer tablets such as Apple’s iPad.

More than 4,000 publishers, including large trade book companies like Random House, Simon & Schuster and Macmillan, have made books available for sale through Google, many at prices that are identical to those of other e-bookstores.

Read more about Google eBookstore in The New York Times and in the CNBC web page.

Free Amazon Kindle plug-in for Adobe InDesign

Free Amazon Kindle plug-in for Adobe InDesign

Oct 31

Amazon has released a free plug-in that export InDesign documents and books to Kindle format. The Kindle for Adobe InDesign (Beta) works with InDesign CS4 and CS5 in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.5 (“experimental” i.e. YMMV) and 10.6. Mac users are advised to run Security Update 2010-005 before installing the plug-in.

You can download the PDF Help and Release Notes here.

Installing the plug-in adds an Export for Kindle item in the File and Book panel menus.

Kindle Plug-in

In the Kindle Export Options dialog box, you can specify TOC, cover, and title options, and choose to view the export. Click Help to download the Help and Release Notes PDF.


Then the file will be saved in .mobi format.

To ckeck the results of your export document use the Kindle Previewer application.

Kindle Previewer